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Yate Release Notes


Version 6.0.2 (8990.8975)

      Action Statement Changes

      Action Runtime Settings

      Action Manager

      Resetting Preferences

      Preferences - Export Sets

      Copying Metadata

      Bug Fixes

Version (8953.8946)

      Preventative Maintenance

Version 6.0.1 (8951.8946)

      Action Updates

      Plist Contents

      Import and Export of Settings

      Action Manager


      Cue Files

      Action Statement Changes

      Bug Fixes

Version (8910)

      Bug Fix

Version (8909)

      Bug Fix

Version 6.0 (8908)

      The Action Manager


      Renaming Files

      Apple App Playlist Naming

      Apple App Support

      Album Artwork in Music/TV


      Main Window


      Low Level Audio File Changes

      Video Settings

      Batch Processing

      The Discogs Wizard

      The MusicBrainz Wizard

      Discogs & MusicBrainz Import Sets


      File to Tag Templates

      Action Pending Window

      Action Runtime Settings

      Actions and the Status Bar

      Action Statement Changes

      Escape Sequences

      File Properties

      The Crop/Scale/Square Artwork Panel

      FLAC Files and Artwork

      Web Resources

      Big Sur

      Bug Fixes

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