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Yate can optionally issue notifications through Notification Center.

You can choose which classes of notifications you would like to receive. Note that you can elect to play a sound for the Batch processing finished notification. The sound option is only used in conjunction with Notification Center.

When issuing notifications, you can elect to clear them all when exiting the application. You can also manually clear the notifications at any time.

When a process such as loading, saving, etc. finishes and Yate is not the current application, (the Yate menu is not displayed next to the apple at the top left of the display), you can choose to bounce the dock icon, to display the window or to do nothing.

Yate typically dims its main window and activates a spinner when processing. If the application is onscreen, the termination of the spinning may be a sufficient notification even when Yate is not the current application. You can configure the application to not bounce the dock icon, if the main window is onscreen.

The dock icon can be set to bounce repeatedly (approximately every 5 seconds until the application is activated) or to bounce once.