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Configuring the Titlecase Algorithm

The title case algorithm is based on grouping words, handling of character based inhibitors and a list of user supplied title case exceptions in the Title Case Exception List T.

On this panel you can modify the fields used to determine the word grouping and test the results. The Title Case Exception List T is always used when a test is performed. You can optionally apply the Names Exception Set N, the default Exception Set , and the default Replacement Set . You can also specify that you want to perform Roman Numeral capitalization. The sequencing of the exceptions and aditional information can be found in Alphabetic Case Transformations.

Words are determined by three fields: Start characters, middle characters and end characters. Note that the set of all alphanumeric characters is implied in all three fields and cannot be removed. The start characters field describes non alphanumeric characters which can be used to start a word. The middle characters field describes those non alphanumeric characters which can occur in the middle of a word. The end characters field describes the non alphanumeric characters which can be the last character in a word. Hint: If you don't want Yate to capitalize after a hyphen, add - to middle characters.

The inhibit characters are characters which disable case transformation on a word. Inhibit characters must appear in at least one of the start, middle or end fields or they will never be applied. Note that upper case alphabetic characters are automatic inhibitors. It is for this reason that the lower-Title Case transformation exists.

The title case algorithm always capitalizes the first and last words in a text slice (unless disabled by an inhibit character). A new text slice starts after any newline character or any of the characters in the Reset characters field.

If you are renaming your files to be formatted as ## - Title and you are applying the titlecase transformation in the rename template as opposed to the Title field, you might want to add - to the Reset characters. This will ensure that:

    01 - the best song


    01 - The Best Song

and not:

    01 - the Best Song