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File Maintenance

This function will perform one or more modifications to a file's representation in the file system. The following funcions can be performed:

Remove extended Finder attributes
If extended Finder attributes exist for a file and there is no associated icon, the Finder may not be able to display artwork for the file on an icon.

Remove resource fork
A resource fork on a file may also invalidate the display of artwork on a Finder icon.

Remove Doppler extended attribute
The Doppler music player uses an extended attribute to know when to reload a file's metadata. Yate can set the attribute automatically when saving files. Doppler removes the attribute after updating the file. If for any reason, the attribute is not removed, you can use this function to remove the attribute.

You can select to perform any combination of the above functions. The presence of the attributes associated with the above functions can be viewed in the Xattrs property.

The functions have no effect if the associated condition does not exist.