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Yate Transformations

At various places in the UI, text entry fields will have a submenu named Yate Transformations on the field's context menu. This menu supports various additional transformations over and above the standard set made available by the system. The following items can be displayed:

Make lower case
Make UPPER case
Capitalize first
Make Title Case
Make Lower-Title Case
Make Sentence Case
Described in Alphabetic Case Transformations.

Compress Spaces
All leading and trailing whitespace characters are removed. Sequences of one or more whitespace characters are replaced with a single space. When applied to the ISRC field, this function removes all spaces.

Remove Invalid Characters
Characters which are invalid in the field will be removed. This will include newline characters in single line entry fields.

Re-encode to
The re-encode functionality is described in Re-Encoding Text.

This function only applies to fields which may contain multiple values. Empty items, leading and trailing spaces and duplicates are removed. When displayed in a multi line text field, the item delimiter is a newline character. When displayed in a single line text field, the delimiter is the multi-value delimiter. The items are sorted in ascending case insensitive alphabetical order.

Sort Excluding First
This is identical to the Sort function with the exception that the first item is not included in the sort operation. ie. it always stays first.

Do Name Exceptions
Do General Exceptions
Do Replacements
Do Roman Numerials
These items allow you to enable or disable various options used when applying Alphabetic Case Transformations. Note that these settings are only used by the Yate Transformation menu's items and are not applied elsewhere.