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AIFF Test and Repair


Many AIFF files contain minor glitches in their audio containers, not the tag information. Our testing shows about 35%. These glitches are ignored by almost all audio taggers and players. Evidently there are a few applications out there which have issues processing AIFF files with some of these minor irregularities. These irregularities are independant of Yate processing and in fact at times can be caused by anything out there writing the files. As we have no idea which of these glitches are causing some applications to have issues, we (as of v3.2) endeavour to fix them all, every time we save a file.

Unless you are having problems with other applications all of these issues can be safely ignored. Calling these things glitches or issues or irregularities is really a misnomer as most applications simply ignore them.

The download contains two simple actions intended to be run in batch mode.

The first, Test AIFF Status, will log all those AIFF files which have at least one glitch. The second, Rewrite AIFF files with issues, will rewrite all AIFF files which have at least one issue. The two actions are totally independent of each other. One is simply informative while the other actually repairs.

----- Start of action 'Test AIFF Status'

----- End of action 'Test AIFF Status'

----- Start of action 'Rewrite AIFF files with issues'

----- End of action 'Rewrite AIFF files with issues'

Content List:

Actions: Test AIFF Status

Actions: Rewrite AIFF files with issues


Yate v4.0


2014-10-31  First release.

2015-02-09  Modified to use new file type detection.

2018-03-17  Updated for Yate v4.


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