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Copies of Built in Edit Panels


If you want to produce a custom panel with only a slight modification to a built in edit panel, these nine custom panels can help.

Custom panels are supplied which are copies of the Artwork, Audio, Credits, Info, Lyrics, More Info, Privacy, Sorting, URLs and Video panels. Note that the Privacy Copy panel is slightly different in that it displays Copyright as a multi line field.

The distribution zip file cannot be directly imported. The file must be manually unzipped. The unzipped plist files can be imported to the Custom Panel Editor.

Content List:

Custom Edit Panels: 10


Yate v6.5 for the More Info Copy panel
Yate v5.0.3 for all others


2018-12-10  First release.

2019-12-19  Added the Privacy panel.

2021-05-21  Updated the More Info panel.


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