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Permute 3 Convert Selected Files


This action is used to convert all selected files to a different file format using Permute 3. Regardless as to how Permute 3 is configured, the produced files will end up in the same folder as the selected files. This action requires Permute 3.6.3 or later.

By default, source files will not be modified. You can choose to move source files to the trash or delete them (careful!). There is also a hybrid method which will attempt to move the files to the trash and if not possible will delete them. You select the mode from the picker control's menu.

Using the displayed checkbox, you can elect to overwrite existing files.

Once you have your options configured, select a Permute 3 preset from the picker control's menu. The processing will start immediately.

Note that if a source file has a video track or if the Permute 3 preset is iPhone Ringtone, the source file will not be removed regardless of the source disposition option that you chose. This is a sanity check as the produced files will have less content.

m4a files can be ALAC or AAC. In the case of a naming collision, - AAC or - ALAC will be appended to the filename.

The selected preset must have been added in Permute 3 otherwise the conversions will fail.

Configuring Permute 3

The most important configuration to be made is to ensure that whatever presets you want to use have been added. You do this in Permute 3 - Preferences - Presets via the Add New Preset button. Click on Audio, then choose a preset from the preset control and click on Add. Changes are not applied until Permute 3 - Preferences is closed.

Note that Permute 3's AAC preset does not refer to AAC in m4a files! Here's a list of the presets you should be using:

It is also recommended that you make the following Permute 3 - Preferences - General settings:

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Actions: Permute 3 Convert Selected Files


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