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v3.15 FLAC Mapping Changes


This download contains the FLAC mapping changes introduced in v3.15. You would only import these mappings if you have made changes to the out of the box FLAC mappings. If you have not, you can simply do a Yate>Reset Built In Items>Reset FLAC Mappings.

If you do import these mappings, please check Preferences-FLAC Mappings after the import to ensure that the default write mapping for Musician Credits is PERFORMER. You should have the old mapping and the new as follows:

- Musician Credits PERFORMER
Musician Credits   MUSICIANCREDITS

If PERFORMER is not prefixed by a - indicator, select the item and click on the 1 button.

Content List:

FLAC Mappings


Yate v3.15


2017-01-04  First release.


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