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Generic Find Filter


Yate's main window filtering system is always case and diacritic insensitive. This action implements an alternative filtering approach.

The action always works on all loaded files.

The first panel you are presented with allows you to enter a search pattern. It also allows you to choose to only search on word boundaries. If the search pattern is empty, the action will terminate.

The second panel allows you to specify which fields you want to search. You can also specify that the search is case insensitive or not. Note that the search is always diacritic sensitive. ie. accented characters are not treated the same as non accented characters. If no fields are selected, the action will terminate.

After the search is performed, all files which contain at least one field which matched the search criteria will be selected.

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Action : Generic Find Filter


Yate v5.1.1


2020-02-16  First release.


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