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Move Creating Disc Subfolders


This action serves as an example for those of you who wish to create Disc subfolders for multi-disc albums. The intent is to relocate tracks to something approximating /basepath/Artist/Album if there is only one disc in an album. Muti-disc albums are to be organized as /basepath/Artist/Album/Disc ##. Non audio files are always moved to the Album folder.

The Artist path component will be the Album Artist field, or if empty the Artist field or if still empty, Unknown Album Artist. The Album path component will be (Year) Album. The filenames will be ##. Title where ## is the track number.

The action works in all execution modes and may contain any number of albums. It is assumed that within each album the Year, Album Artist (or Artist) metadata is consistent.

You must edit the action to set the correct destination path. Look for ********** READ THIS!!!!!! in the action.

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Actions: Move Creating Disc Subfolders

Rename Templates: Trackpad2. Title


Yate v3.14.1


2016-09-17  First release.


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