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Unattended Metadata Lookups


Using acoustic fingerprinting, the AcoustID database, Yate's best release matching and MusciBrainz, unattended metadata lookups on tracks with little or no metadata is possible. This action implements one possible approach to the import. The action is designed to be as lenient as possible. The action must be run via the Batch Processor Wizard.

The action is preloaded in Yate starting in v3.7. You can import the set of possibly updated preloaded actions by holding down the Alt (Option) key and selecting the Yate>Reset Built In Items>Import Actions menu item. Note: make sure that you hold down the Alt (Option) key, otherwise you will overwrite your existing actions. After the import the action manager will have a Preloaded Actions folder.

Note that the MusicBrainz Import Time is used in a heuristic test to determine if the action should be run against a particular folder. If every track in a folder has a consistent, non empty MusicBrainz Import Time value, it is assumed that the data has already been extracted.

In order for the MusicBrainz Import Time to be set, you must enable the Preferences-MusicBrainz-Save Import Time option.

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Actions: Unattended Metadata Lookups


Yate v4.0


2015-06-15  First release.

2018-04-03  Updated to force a save of modified files in case the Auto-Save option was not set when running the Batch Processor.


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