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Deprecated Items

The following items are deprecated and at some point in a subsequent release will be removed:

The Import Metadata from Audio File statement
Use Transfer Metadata as an alternative.

The Linked to Apple App Test statement
Use the Compare Numeric statement testing property Is Linked as an alternative.

The Lossy Encode As statement
Use Re-encode as an alternative.

The Modified Test statement
Use the Compare Numeric statement testing property Is Modified as an alternative.

The Test Property statement
Use Compare Numeric and Compare Text instead.

UD Text Column Mappings
These are an older means of displaying UDTIs as columns. Custom Fields provide a much better audio format independent means of accessing UDTIs which can be displayed as columns.

The Inline Fields mode in the Exists statement
Use the Fields in Named Variable mode instead.

The Extract Preference Set Statement's Action Runtime Settings with Prefix function
The usefulness of this function is dubious. It was introduced at a time when the runtime settings were always grouped together. Being able to partition the settings into separate replacement sets eliminates the need to prefix the settings.

The Prompt for Text List R/O and Prompt for Text List Overwrite named variables
Use of these named variables has been replaced by format codes in the Prompt for Text Formatting named variable.

The Enumerate Fields and Extensions Statement's Supported Image Filename Extensions function
The function now only most common subset of the supported image types.