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Droplets are small applications which can be created and placed on the desktop via Preferences - General - Droplets. While the droplets are created on the desktop they are not position dependent. They may be moved to any folder. However, they cannot be renamed.

When files are dragged to a droplet's icon, the files are opened in Yate with the supplied Open Mode settings and a specified action is run with the selected files.

The supplied open mode remains in effect when the action terminates.

Only the files being loaded are preselected and processed by the action. If you want all loaded files to be processed by the action, specify All Files in the Action Manager. Alternately you can put an Expand Execution to Unselected Files statement at the start of the action.

The name field is the filename of the displayed droplet file.

If a droplet is opened and no files have been dragged into it, the configuration of the droplet will be displayed.

Note that renaming an action will not rename the action stored in a droplet. If you want to rename actions specified in a droplet, you have to delete the existing droplet and create a new one.

When a droplet is run and the action cannot be found, the files will be still be loaded. No error is issued.

Many Yate actions are designed to be run without any loaded files. There is a special type of droplet which runs an action without dropping files onto it. This mode requires that you select an action which has the Always property set in the Action Manager. To start the associated action double click on the droplet icon or open it from it's context menu. If you want to view the configuration associated with the icon open it while holding down the Option key.