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AcousticBrainz Classification Utilities


A set of actions used to download, display and extract AcousticBrainz classification data. Of the display actions, two display the data in a generated database file, (one displays probabilities and one does not). Another action displays all available data in a text format.

Content List:

Action folder: AcousticBrainz Classification

    Action: AcousticBrainz Classification DB - Sub Action

    Action: AcousticBrainz Danceability

    Action: AcousticBrainz Download Data

    Action: AcousticBrainz View Classification DB With Probabilities

    Action: AcousticBrainz View Classification DB Without Probabilities

    Action: AcousticBrainz View Classification Text

Export Set: AcousticBrainz Classification


Yate v3.17.1


2017-09-07  First release.


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