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Important Note:Yate imports most of its content from previously exported plist files. When importing the files, the content is re-encoded if necessary.  We have moved the lowest supported version many times over the years. The lowest supported version is now 4.0 which was released quite a while ago. All older content available on the resource page has been repackaged so that it will install correctly. Note that exported metadata files are not affected. Further, if the content is in Yate it is not affected,

Dates with a yellow background imply that the item has been recently updated. Dates with a green background imply relatively new content.

Sample Actions

The table contains a list of sample Yate actions. An attempt has been made to categorize each action. Each table item contains a link to the full documentation and a download link.

The Description contains a content list for the downloaded file and in which Yate version the action was built.

Starting with Yate v6.0.1 the files in this table do not have to be unzipped before they can be imported.  Do a Yate>Import Preferences… to import the content or simply drag the zip file to the file list area of the main window.  When importing you can choose to Overwrite or Add on a conflict.  When importing an updated version of an action from here it is recommended that you Overwrite.  When importing from the Yate menu, you can choose Overwrite or Add directly.  You can configure the import mode for files which are dragged to the main window in Preferences-File List-Dragged preference file Configure.

Note all actions with a date in 2017 or earlier were produced with a version of Yate which was so old that they could not be updated automatically. The actions have been manually updated to require Yate v6.10.5.3 so that they can still be installed by newer versions of Yate. The online documentation still shows the original unsupported version number. Remember, these actions are very old.

The latest version of the Repair Files from Audio File Health Check Log action can always be downloaded here. The current version is 5.0 released on 2022-11-01.

Sample Actions
Date Added or Modified Category Overview Name /
Full Description
2023-11-10 Databases An action to simplify the creation of album and track databases Create Database Utility Download
2023-11-10 Query Databases A suite of actions to create, manage and query an Artist database. If you are updating these actions from a version prior to Release 4, please read the documentation before updating. Artist Reference Database Download
2023-10-30 Credits, Metadata Extraction An action to assist with the extraction of credits from AllMusic AllMusic Credits Download
2023-10-05 Apple Apps, Playlists An action to set the description of Apple App playlists Set Apple Playlist Description Download
2023-10-05 Preference Lists An action to rebuild all preference lists, Rebuild Preference Lists Download
2023-10-05 Lyrics Automate access to the Lyrics Finder application to extract lyrics LyricsFinder Download
2023-10-05 Finder Tags A set of actions to maintain Finder Tags in a custom field. Manage Finder Tags Download
2023-10-05 Move, Rename Move files to a folder structure based on the first letter of the Album Artist field Move to Alpha Download
2023-10-05 Lists, Databases Create and display a database containing the merged Musician Credits fields from all selected files Musician Credits to DB Download
2023-10-05 External Scripts Extract and display Yate and system information. Version/System Info Download
2023-08-07 Backup Maintenance A set of actions to manage preference backups Yate Backup File Maintenance Download
2023-08-07 File Browser A set of action s to manage the File Browsers pinned folders File Browser Download
2023-08-07 Finder Integration Actions used to set Finder track and folder tags based on tracks being Loved or having a rating of five stars Set Finder Tags Download
2023-08-07 m3u Files A set of actions to manage Yate encoded m3u files m3u Suite Download
2023-08-07 Exporting Metadata, External Scripts Creates and calls a shell script to zip up dumped metadata. Dump Metadata Download
2023-07-17 Item Removal An action to automate the removal of all UDTIs which have an empty description Clean UDTIs Download
2023-06-30 Spotify, Metadata Extraction A set of actions to create, view and modify Spotify Playlists Spotify Playlists Download
2023-06-30 Apple Music, Metadata Extraction Extract metadata from Apple Music Apple Music Download
2023-06-30 Bandcamp, Metadata Extraction Actions to assist with the extraction of metadata from Bandcamp Bandcamp Download
2023-06-30 Artwork Actions A set of sample actions to extend the features on an image's context menu Artwork Action Samples Download
2023-06-30 Text file manipulation, Metadata import Apply fixed format metadata contained in a text file or the clipboard. Generic Text Importer Download
2023-06-30 Snippets, Documentation Code snippets used in Yate and the P Word Yate and the P Word Snippets Download
2023-06-30 Get Path Utilities Three actions used to display and copy paths to the clipboard. clipboard. Get Path Utilities Download
2023-06-30 Artwork Importing Import all artwork in a track's containing folder Import All Artwork in Folder Download
2023-06-30 Classical, Lists An action to correct numbering and auto renumber Work-Part field combinations using Roman Numerals Prepend Roman Numerals to Part Download
2023-06-30 List Management An action to maintain a list of composer aliases which can be applied. Composer AKA Download
2023-06-30 File Deletion An action to move selected files to the trash or delete them Delete Selected Files Download
2023-06-30 Encodings Display the encoding used to read a text file. Determine File Encoding Download
2023-06-30 Roon Extract the date tracks were added to iTunes/Music and save it to an IMPORTDATE tag read by Roon Extract Date Added to Apple App Download
2023-06-30 Video Season/Episode Numbering Extracts Season/Episode numbers from track numbers. Extract Video Numbers from Track Numbers Download
2023-06-30 Credits A set of actions to locate, resolve and correct duplicate representations of the same credit names. Duplicate Credit Names Download
2023-06-30 Selective File Manipulation An action to force all appropriate files to be compliant with the Preferences-iTunes-Maximum iTunes Grouping-Work Name Compatibility setting. Force Save All MP3 and AIFF Files Download
2023-06-30 AcousticBrainz Extraction Extract BPM from AcousticBrainz BPM Functions Download
2023-04-21 Renaming Rename CDG files when audio files are renamed or moved Move/Rename CDG Files Download
2023-02-22 Finder Icons A set of actions to add and remove Finder icons on audio files Set / Remove Finder Icons on Audio Files Download
2023-02-22 Finder Refresh A set of actions to force the Finder to refresh its displayed metadata Refresh Finder Download
2023-02-17 Google Drive Display the location of the Google Drive folder Find Google Drive Folder Download
2023-02-04 Online Extraction An action to display artist bios and images extracted from Wikipedia Lookup Wikipedia Artist Bio Download
2023-01-25 Databases Actions to be run from a track database to update files whether loaded or not. Update Files from Track Database Download
2023-01-23 Preference Lists A set of actions to import, export and find duplicates in a preference list Preference List Utilities Download
2023-01-10 Editing States, Action Runtime Settings, Artwork and Text Manipulation, Lists Produce an HTML track display. HTML Track Display Download
2023-01-02 Unicode An action to display character values Display Character Values Download
2023-01-02 Genres, Moods A set of actions to download Last.fm tags Last FM Suite Download
2023-01-02 Metadata Synchronization, Permute 3, XLD A set of actions which can be used to sync metadata between two copies of a library. Supports Permute 3 and XLD. Supports direct file conversion. Sync Files Utility Download
2022-09-02 BPM Lookup An action to extract metadata from GetSongBPM GetSongBPM Download
2022-11-08 MFE Various actions to be run from the Multi Field Editor or function buttons Multi Field Editor Bundle 1 Download
2022-11-01 Text file manipulation, Audio file updating Process the output of Audio File health Check. Attempt to repair files in the log. Repair Files from Audio File Health Check Log Download
2022-10-27 Discogs Actions to extract a Discogs Label ID and all releases by a label Discogs Label Actions Download
2022-10-27 Database Make sure all tracks in a track database can be located. Make sure all appropriate tracks in the file system are in the database. Validate Track Database Download
2022-05-18 MFE, Classical Metadata Extract classical metadata embedded in the Title field Classical Metadata from Title Download
2022-10-07 Dropbox Display the location of the Dropbox folder Find Dropbox Folder Download
2022-08-10 Audirvana Actions used to set the Audirvana album rating. Set Audirvana Album Rating Download
2022-06-06 Examining Folder Contents An action to count artwork files present in the folders containing the selected tracks Count Artwork Files in Folders Download
2022-05-18 Cue FIles Automate the splitting of FLAC files with cue files Split FLAC using Cue File and XLD Download
2022-05-18 iTunes, Music A set of actions to look for files in iTunes /Music not on disk or vice versa Compare Apple App Track List to Disk Download
2022-03-08 Metadata Append managed data to the Comments field Append Managed Data to the Comments Field Download
2021-12-06 JSON Display JSON data stored in a file Read JSON and Display Download
2021-07-20 Metadata Extraction Extract basic track metadata from AcoustID. Import Basic Track Data from AcoustID Download
2021-07-04 Field manipulation An action to remove trailing periods from a specified set of fields. Remove Trailing Periods from Fields Download
2021-05-23 Comparing metadata An action to compare the metadata in two files Simple Diff Download
2021-05-18 Metadata Extraction, Database A set of actions to extract metadata from Discogs or MusicBrainz Search Discogs/MusicBrainz Download
2021-04-13 Chapters Two actions to renumber chapters. One per file and one sequentially across files. Renumber Chapters Download
2021-03-29 Beatport Fix Beatport URLs generated prior to Yate v6.4.1 Fix Beatport URLs Download
2021-01-25 m3u Repair missing m3u headers. Repair Missing m3u Headers Download
2021-01-25 Audio format conversion An action to convert FLAC files to ALAC using XLD. The produced files are added to iTunes/Music. FLAC Files to ALAC Download
2020-09-13 Previews An action to preview tracks which allows you to modify the rating Preview Sample Download
2020-12-14 Database, m3u Produce a database displaying progressive time offsets for tracks loaded or in an m3u file Progressive Duration Download
2020-10-30 Field Manipulation, Beatport An action to append a 'mix name' stored in the Description field to the Title Field Append Mix Name (Description) to Title Download
2020-09-22 Key Extraction An action to set the Initial Key field from KeyFinder KeyFinder Download
2020-09-13 Validation Look for empty or non empty fields and UDTIs. Also checks for 'invalid' filenames. Log Missing Items Download
2020-09-13 Text Manipulation Rearrange m/d/y in a field to yyyy-mm-dd Album Field Date Conversion Download
2020-09-13 Music Application Force the Music application to update artwork. Extreme Update Apple Apps Download
2020-09-13 Field Manipulation An action to post process tracks downloaded from eClassical Modify Tracks Downloaded from eClassical Download
2020-09-13 Item Removal, Beatport An action to remove a remixer name from the Artist field Remove Remixer from Artist Download
2020-09-13 Text Manipulation Extract ISRC values from a purchased track's Seller field Extract ISRC From Purchased Track's Seller Field Download
2020-09-13 Embedded Tags Add/Update/Remove tags embedded in the Comments field Comment Tags Download
2020-09-13 Field Manipulation Determine if an album is part of a compilation. Determine if Compilation Download
2020-09-13 Artwork Manipulation Force progressive JPEGs to baseline. Force Progressive JPEGs to Baseline Download
2020-09-13 Field Manipulation, Sub Actions Copy and move a credit from Involved People to another field then remove it from Involved people. Extract Producer from Involved People Download
2018-12-10 Query Databases Sample action showing how to interact with an open database. Sample Open Database Interaction Download
2018-08-21 Encodings Make sure a playlist can be saved as an m3u file as opposed to an m3u8 file. Validate m3u not m3u8 Download
2018-07-19 Cue Sheets Import/Export a cue sheet. Import/Export Cue Sheet Download
2018-07-02 Force Save Files Remove ID3 tags in FLAC files preserving the metadata Rewrite FLAC Files with ID3 Tags Download
2018-06-01 Metadata Synthesis Synthesize the Work and Part fields for Roon Synthesize Work and Part for Roon Download
2018-05-31 Database manipulation Copy one database to another. Remap fields, etc. Copy Database Download
2018-05-22 Lists, Batch Processing, Action Runtime Settings Search for specified UDTIs while batch processing Batch Search for UDTIs Download
2018-05-22 Lists Calculate the total duration of tracks in ms and a pretty format. Total Duration Download
2018-05-22 File Manipulation Remove RTF formatting data from files. Remove RTF in Files Download
2018-05-22 Field Manipulation, Lists Merge all genres into a list sorted by the number of occurrences. Sort, Merge and Prioritize Genres Download
2018-04-03 Exporting Metadata, External Scripts Archive metadata to a zip file. Archive Metadata Download
2018-04-03 Image Manipulation Delete artwork items which are not close to being square. Delete Artwork Not Squarish Download
2018-04-03 Finder Integration Action to view and set Finder tags. Finder Tags Download
2018-04-03 Text Manipulation, Lists If the Album Artist is contained in a list in the Artist field, make sure it comes first. Make Album Artist First Download
2018-04-03 Field Manipulation, Sub Actions A set of actions used to move the most common Artist field to the Album Artist or Artist field for all selected tracks. Most Common Artist to Album Artist Download
2018-04-03 Metadata Import Copy the metadata from files of one audio type to another. Extract Metadata from Files Download
2018-04-03 Field and Character Manipulation, Sub Actions Extract Artist and Album from folder names, Title from filename and insert spaces. Extract and Expand Artist, Album and Title Download
2018-04-03 Text Manipulation Extract an embedded Release Time from the Album field Extract Release Time from Album Field Download
2018-04-03 Text Manipulation, Lists Populate the Sort Artist field by rearranging the Artist field to last name, first name order. Produce Sort Artist Field Download
2018-04-03 Regular Expressions Assign missing disc numbers from extracted text in the Album field or the containing folder's name. Extract Disc Numbers Download
2017-12-18 Text Manipulation Synthesize Episode ID. Synthesize Episode ID Download
2017-12-18 Artwork Artwork to cover.jpg files. Artwork to cover.jpg Download
2017-10-20 Application Launching Launch Sonic Visualiser to see a waveform for a track. Launch Sonic Visualiser Download
2017-09-07 AcousticBrainz, Databases, List Processing Various actions to download, extract and display AcousticBrainz classification data. AcousticBrainz Classification Utilities Download
2017-08-15 Text manipulation An action to isolate all bracket sequences in a string. Delimit Brackets Download
2017-05-03 Query Databases, Import Metadata Boilerplate action to process CSV/TSV databases which contain metadata to be applied. Optionally can import designated artwork Read and Process Database Boilerplate Download
2017-05-03 Text Manipulation Maintain a 'featuring artist' list in the Title field or in the Artist field Featuring Manipulation Download
2016-10-24 ID3 Formatting Change ID3 v2.3 to ID3 v2.4 or vice versa. Change ID3 Version Download
2016-09-17 Moving Tracks and Non Audio Files A sample action to show how to move tracks in multi-disc albums to Disc subfolders Move Creating Disc Subfolders Download
2016-08-28 Field Manipulation Assign missing disc numbers based on track numbers. Calculate Disc Numbers From Track Numbers Download
2016-05-17 Playlists, Tag Sets, Dynamic Track Loading Display a visual playlist for the contents of an m3u(8) file Produce Playlist Text from m3u(8) Download
2016-05-17 Playlists, Tag Sets Display a visual playlist for selected files. The fields displayed are specified in a Tag Set Produce Playlist Text from Selected Files Download
2016-01-14 Artwork Search Batch process a search for missing artwork. Batch Look for Missing Artwork Download
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Date Added or Modified Category Overview Name /
Full Description
2023-10-15 Rename Template A sample rename template using an Ignore if Empty token. SampleIgnoreIfEmptyTemplate download
2023-07-03 Custom Fields, Custom Panels Custom field and a Custom Edit Panel to work with the Manage Finder Tags actions. Finder Tags Custom Edit Panel download
2022-06-26 Custom Fields, Custom Panels Custom Field definitions and a Custom Edit Panel to help you have easier access to Roon fields. Roon Mappings. Contains download links
2021-05-21 Custom Panels Ten custom panels which are copies of the built in edit panels. This file must be manually unzipped. Copies of Built in Edit Panels download
2020-03-19 Classical Composers The Open Opus dataset of composers provided as a database file Open Opus download
2020-01-16 FLAC Mappings A set of FLAC mappings to enable proper decoding of FLAC files downloaded from eClassical eClassical FLAC Mappings download
2019-09-16 Player Interfaces Interfaces to be able to open files based on the current track playing (or paused) in an audio player. Player Interfaces download
2019-09-16 Editing Panel, Custom Fields MusicBrainz Classical Editing Panel and Custom Fields MusicBrainz Classical download
2019-02-11 Custom Fields, Custom Panels A custom panel which extends the Info panel by adding a Track Position field. Extended Info Editing Panel download
2019-02-11 Custom Fields, Custom Panels Custom Field definitions and a Custom Panel to help you have easier access to Audirvana extended fields. Audirvana Mappings download
2018-07-05 Custom Panels A custom panel which combines all the fields used by iTunes Podcasts iTunes Podcasts Editing Panel download
2018-04-03 Artwork Search Templates A collection of Google search templates. Google Search Templates download
2018-04-03 Searching A set of seven Search Templates which can be used to search AllMusic AllMusic Searches download
2018-04-03 Title Case A title case export set which is more comprehensive than the default Title Case Expanded download
2018-04-03 Renaming Twenty common rename templates Rename Templates download
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The downloads are zipped PDF files.

Date Added or Modified Category Title View Link Download Link
2023-11-27 General Yate Release Notes view
2023-11-27 Application Help Tag Mapping Table view
2023-11-10 Application Help Yate Online Help view
2023-11-10 Action Statement Help Action Statements view
2023-08-15 Renaming Renaming and Restructuring Files and Folders view Download
2023-08-07 Deprecated Items Things you can do, but shouldn't view
2023-08-07 Application Help Help Indexed by Menu view
2023-08-07 Application Help Escape Sequences view
2023-06-30 Scripting, Programming Yate and the P Word view Download
2023-01-02 Application Help Abbreviations view
2023-01-02 Application Help Yate Transformations view
2022-08-30 Apple Apps Working With Apple Apps - The Basics view Download
2022-01-04 Activation / Deactivation About Activating, Deactivating and Migrating view
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