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AllMusic Credits

AllMusic has an extensive collection of credits associated with album releases. There is no API that we can use to extract this information. However many users manually copy credit information, reformat it and insert in into track metadata. This action is designed to ease the insertion and reformatting of the credits. Note that this is still a manual process and does not do any screen scraping.

The following is a step by step explanation on how to use the action. Load and select the tracks you want to process. Note that the tracks do not have to be in the same album. For each unique album:

A URL will be issued through your browser to searching for the album and a prompt will be issued describing the current album being processed. The prompt panel will look like the following image:

main Panel

Leave the panel for now. In your browser on the web page, select the appropriate album. Once the album is displayed click on the Credits tab to display the credits. The credits are displayed as a table with headers of Artist and Credit. Select everything in the table and copy it to the system clipboard. More than likely the Artist and Credit headers will be selected as well ... don't worry about it as they will automatically be removed.

Back to the prompt panel. If you successfully identified and copied the credits hit Continue and the credits will be imported. If you could not locate the desired album, hit Skip.


The Options can be modified at any time and remain in effect unless modified again. There are currently only two options:

Discard Composer credits
By default the composer credits will be created in Involved People. These credits are not copied to the individual Composer fields as they represent the combined composers for an entire album. If you enable this option, composer credits will be removed.

Merge into Existing Credits
By default, the imported credits will entirely replace the Involved People and Musician Credits fields. If you enable this option, the imported credits will be merged with any pre-existing content in Involved People and Musician Credits.

Content List, Requirements & History

Content List:

AllMusic Credits


Yate v6.10.4


Date Version Information
2022-06-30 v1.0 First release.
2022-07-22 v1.1 The merge into existing credits option was not being processed correctly.


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