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Append Managed Data to the Comments Field

This action provides a controlled method of appending data tags of your own scheme to the Comments field. Each time the action is run, the old appended tags, if any, are removed.

The first time you run the action you will be asked to configure it. If you want to reconfigure the action, hold down the Option key when starting the action.

The action has two configurable items:

A pattern used to separate the user supplied data tag which is appended to the Comments field from the actual comment.

When managed, the action will use a preference list as the source for a menu of supplied options. Each time you append data it is added to the preference list.

Content List, Requirements & History

Content List:

Action : Append Managed Data to the Comments Field


Yate v6.9.1


2022-02-06  v1.0 released to the preview list.

2022-03-18  v1.1 first general release.


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