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Set Apple Playlist Description


This action lets you set the description for a playlist in Music/iTunes or TV.

A panel is displayed with three settings:

On a Mac which supports iTunes, this field will be preset to iTunes and will be read-only. Otherwise, the row's menu control can be used to select Music or TV.

Playlist name
You can enter a playlist name manually or select one from the row's menu control. Note that the playlist names are flat and cannot include folder information.

You can enter a description directly or use the control to the right of the field to display a multi line editor. Note that while the Apple applications retain newline characters in the description, they more than likely will not be displayed. Further, the description may be truncated at 255 characters when displayed. If the playlist being set is currently displayed in the application, the changes will not be evident until you change the view and display it again.

Play sound on success
You can optionally play a sound whenever a description is successfully set..

Ignore TV. Requires a restart!
On Macs where Music and TV are available, both applications are polled for a list of playlists. This will start the applications if they are not already running. You can elect to ignore the TV application. Note that this setting will be ignored until the next time the application is started.

If you hit the Set Description button, an attempt wil be made to set the description. Note that the playlist must exist. If the repeat checkbox is not set, the action will terminate.

If you hit the Load Description button, an attempt will be made to load the playlist's current description and save it to the Description row. Note that the playlist must exist.

The available playlists in the Apple apps are extracted when the action first starts. If for any reson you create or delete playlists while the action is running, you can select Refresh to refresh the information.

Exit will terminate the action.

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Set Apple App Description


Yate v6.17


Date Version Information
2023-10-05 1.0 First release.


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