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Audirvana Album Rating

Audirvana writes tags for Album Rating but only reads them when first loading the files. These actions write a Yate custom field named Audirvana Album Rating which is installed when these actions are installed. The custom field is encoded appropriately for each supported audio type.

The Set Audirvana Album Rating is called from the UI.

The Re-encode Audirvana Album Rating is designed to be called from with an action. The rating is supplied in an Album Rating named variable. It is interpreted as follows:

an integer in the range of 0 through 5
a number of stars
any other integer
The Audirvana Album Rating tag is removed
any other value
the action exits without changing anything

Content List, Requirements & History

Content List:

Action: Set Audirvana Album Rating

Action: Re-encode Audirvana Album Rating

Custom Field Definition: Audirvana Album Rating


Yate v6.10.5


Date Version Information
2022-08-09 v1.0 First release.
2022-08-10 v1.1 Minor code cleanup.


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