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BPM Functions

This suite contains three actions. The Get BPM from AcousticBrainz action attempts to extract a BPM value from AcousticBrainz. It first calculates a fingerprint and accesses AcoustID if necessary. If any step fails, nothing will be imported.

A calculated BPM value's correctness may be affected by tempo estimation octave errors. This can result in a value being double or half what seems to be correct. Unfortunately it is impossible to automatically determine if a downloaded value is correct. The only viable solution is to examine the results and determine if they seem correct or need to be halved or doubled. As a convenience, two actions are provided to modify the BPM values. BPM / 2 and BPM * 2.

Content List, Requirements & History

Content List:

Action : Get BPM from AcousticBrainz

Action : BPM / 2

Action : BPM * 2


Yate v6.7


2021-12-04  v1.0 first release.


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