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Yate Backup File Maintenance


Yate automatically back up its preferences. Only a specific number of backups are retained. The number of files retained can be configured in Preferences - General - Advanced.

Whenever Yate is updated, the most current backup files is identified as being a pre update backup. These files are not deleted and there is no limit to how many are accumulated.

Originally the pre update files were named Pre version Backup. In order to make it easier to view a list of all backup files, the naming convention was changed in Yate v6.16.2. The current file format is Backup yy-mm-dd-HH-MM-SS Pre version.

While there is no problem with the older produced files, the Cleanup Yate Backups action will rename the older files to the new convention. As a perk, these files can now be imported when zipped. The older pre update files had to be unzipped before importing. If you run this action you will never have to run it again.

Note that only pre update files which are zipped will be renamed. plist file variants cannot be modified.

The Manage Old Version Backups action displays a list of pre update files and lets you select files to delete. Other than the disk space usage there is no reason to delete any of them. This action has been requested but please note that we keep all of update backup files. This action works with both pre update file naming conventions and with plist and zip based backups.

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Folder: Yate Backup File Maintenance

Cleanup Yate Backups

Manage Old Version Backups


Yate v6.16.2


Date Version Information
2023-08-07 1.0 First release.


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