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You may want to place a tag inside the comments field to be used when creating smart playlists in various audio players. There are two provided actions: One to add/replace the tag and one to remove them.

The Add Comment Tag action displays a text field and optionally a picker control. If the picker control is displayed at least one tag has been created. You can choose previously used tags from the menu displayed when the picker control is hit. The following commands are interpreted when the Continue button is selected.

Remove an existing tag, (if any), and then append tag text to the end of the Comments field. If text is not in the list of tags it will be added.
-text or text-
Remove tag text from the list of tags. The panel will be redisplayed and the Comments field will not be modified.
+text or text+
Add tag text to the list of tags. If a tag already exists with different alphabetic case, it will be updated. The panel will be redisplayed and the Comments field will not be modified..
empty line
Exit and do not add a tag to the Comments field.

The Remove Comment Tags action will remove a tag in the Comments field.

When appending a tag, if the Comments field is not empty, it will be preceded by a newline character. The tag itself is always preceded by a marker which is by default the character. You can configure a different marker sequence to use by creating an action runtime setting (Preferences-Actions-Runtime Settings) as follows:

commenttag=custom marker

The available tags are preserved in a file at ~/Documents/Yate/CommentTags.txt

Content List:

Actions: Add Comment Tags

Actions: Remove Comment Tags


Yate v6.0.2


2019-05-14  v1.0 First release.

2020-09-13  v2.1 Added documentation link.


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