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Compare Apple App Track List to Disk

These actions identify files in your collection on disk which are not in iTunes or Music. It also identifies those files in iTunes or Music which are not in or under your collection's root folder. ie. they're somewhere else on disk.

The Produce Track Lists and Compare action will prompt you for the root folder and will then scan the disk and extract track locations from iTunes or Music. The action does not read or write any audio files. This action calls the Compare Track Lists action.

The following files will be written:

~/Documents/Yate/Audio File List from Disk.txt
The list of tracks scanned from the disk.

~/Documents/Yate/Audio File List from Apple App.txt
The list of tracks extracted from iTunes or Music.

~/Documents/Yate/Audio File List Differences.txt
The difference lists, if any.

If your collection is large this can take quite a while to complete. When the action is done, if there were any differences found you can elect to view the differences in the Log Viewer.

The Compare Track Lists action works with the produced Audio File List from Disk and Audio File List from Apple App files and produces the Audio File List Differences file. It is included as a separate action in the case that you want to edit the produced files and check for differences again.

Note that the Audio File List from Disk file will contain all scanned audio files that can be opened by Yate. Audio files which cannot be added to iTunes or Music will be listed but are not identified as being missing in the Audio File List Differences file. This includes ape, dff, dsf, flac, oga, ogg, opus and wv files.

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Content List:

Action : Produce Track Lists and Compare

Action : Compare Track Lists


Yate v6.10


Date Version Information
2022-05-18 v1.0 First release.


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