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Import/Export Cue Sheets


When albums are ripped to a single file, some audio rippers create cue sheets. Various applications can use these cue sheets in an embedded or external format for various purposes.

Two actions are described here which import and export cue sheets. Both these actions assume that the cue sheet is contained in a UDTI named CUESHEET.

The following is the description of the Export Cue Sheet action. Note that this action writes a cue sheet in the same folder as a track with the same filename and a .cue extension. Existing files will be overwritten.

Content List:

Actions: Export Cue Sheet

Actions: Import Cue Sheet


Yate v4.2.1


2014-11-14  First release.

2015-02-09  Documentation changes.

2018-04-03  Updated for Yate v4.

2018-07-19  Updated for Yate v4.2.1.


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