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Determine if Compilation


This action determines if an album is part of a compilation based on the number of different Artist fields in the album. You control how the action operates by setting the Artist threshold in a variable. The action correctly works on multiple albums at a time. Tracks with empty Album fields are ignored.

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Actions: Determine if Compilation


Yate v6.0.2


2014-10-09  First release.

2015-02-09  Changed to handle multiple albums at a time.

2015-04-05  Documentation corrections.

2016-08-28  v3.14 optimizations.

2018-04-03  v4.0 optimizations.

2019-05-05  Bug fix. Counts of occurrences were not per file.

2019-05-14  v4.7 optmizations.

2020-09-13  v2.1 Added documentation link.


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