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Dump Metadata


From time to time in order to track down an issue, we need a copy of the metadata in one or more tracks. Sending us the metadata is usually easier and faster than sending the tracks themselves. This action exports the metadata from all selected tracks. The action also preserves the initial filename and duration and various other properties. You can choose to export only textual metadata or everything including artwork.

The action serves as an example of generating external scripts on the fly. The action generates a script and then executes it. The script zips up the exported metadata files and then deletes them. The action then deletes the generated script file.

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Actions: Dump Metadata


Yate v6.1


2015-12-06  First release.

2016-01-14  Preserves action duration.

2016-02-23  Preserves original folder.

2016-08-28  Preserves relevant properties.

2018-04-03  Now supports exporting all metadata.

2019-02-11  Preserves Stem data and overhauled.

2020-09-13  v6.1 Added a documentation link.

2020-10-26  v7.0 Include a raw dump of the files.

2021-07-20  v8.0 Include version numbers in the raw dump.


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