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Extract Metadata from Files


This action is used to copy the metadata from files of a certain type to files of a different type. It is assumed that the files have identical filenames with the exception of the filename extension. It is also assumed that the source and destination files are in the same folder.

One example of using this action would be that you are re-ripping your collection. For example, you're ripping your CDs to flac and you already have mp3 versions with correct metadata.

The action as written copies metadata from mp3 files to flac files. By changing two statements you can set any source and destination file type.

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Actions: Extract Metadata from Files


Yate v4.0


2014-10-08  First release.

2014-12-03  Optimized for v3.2.1 changes.

2015-02-09  Some minor cleanup.

2018-04-03  Optimized for Yate v4 changes.


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