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Extreme Update Apple Apps


As of Mac OS 10.15.3 the Catalina Music and TV applications do not properly reload artwork when a file is refreshed. This means that artwork changes are not correctly applied when saving linked files.

These actions remove all selected tracks which can be linked from the Apple Apps. It preserves all library only information such as play counts, ratings, etc.

They also preserve every track's inclusion in user playlists. (Not Genius or Smart). Note that while tracks are added back to playlists, the position in the playlist will not be the same.

The actions commit all unsaved changes. Regardless of your Preferences - Apple Apps - Auto Import and Auto Export settings, all files are returned to the state they were in immediately after they were saved. The only exception is that updated Apple App PIDs will be retained.

Extreme Update Apple Apps - (Main) does all the work but should not be directly called. If you do want to retain PIDs you can edit this action and disable a block of statements delimited by Comment lines starting with *********

Extreme Update Apple Apps - If Artwork Modified only operates on files where the artwork has been modified. You have to call this action before saving artwork changes.

Extreme Update Apple Apps - Always operates on all files which can be linked. This is useful if you've saved artwork changes while not linked.

Tip: Many users have reported that the migration from iTunes to Music can cause albums to lose their artwork. Additionally, albums sometimes appear two or three times with the tracks split between the various instances. These actions will correct both of these scenarios.

Content List:

Action : Extreme Update Apple Apps - Always

Action : Extreme Update Apple Apps - If Artwork Modified

Action : Extreme Update Apple Apps - (Main)


Yate v6.0.2


2020-02-16  First release.

2020-03-04  Documentation changes.

2020-09-13  Added documentation link.


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