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FLAC Files to ALAC


These actions are designed to convert FLAC to ALAC files using XLD which is used to convert the files. XLD can be downloaded from at:

The downloaded XLD DMG file contains the Mac application and a command line application. The Mac application must be placed in the Applications folder.

Three actions are provided:

The first two actions only process FLAC files. The third is a stub.

FLAC files to ALAC (Batch Processor)

This action is designed to be run through the Batch Processor. Prior to v3.0 of this suite, the action was named FLAC files to ALAC.

Unless you want to set advanced options in XLD, modifying the preferences should not be necessary. Yate forces where a converted file is stored and the produced format (ALAC). Before using this action you should run the XLD application at least once to ensure that their first time initialization is performed.

To run the action perform the following steps:

At this point the action will start. You will be prompted for a variety of settings. You control the destination of the produced files (same folder or different). You can optionally add the produced files to iTunes/Music. Source files can be retained, moved to the trash or deleted. You can also control an alternate encoding for how multi value items are stored. You can even specify that only a single folder be processed for testing purposes.

A created file will receive a copy of all the metadata from the source file with the exception of: Encoded By, Encoder Settings, Encoding Time and Unhandled Items.

Any file which already exists at its intended destination will not be processed.

FLAC files to ALAC on Selected Files

This variant is designed to run in the UI on selected files. It has less capabilities than the batch variant. The created files are always placed in the same folder. You can still optionally move the source files to the trash or delete them.

When the action terminates, all previously open files will be reloaded (if they still exist). The FLAC files will be loaded as well. Note that the Open Mode is ignored. No additional files will be loaded.

FLAC files to ALAC

Prior to v3.0 of this action suite there was only one action which ran through the Batch Processor. There is now also an immediate mode variant of the action. In order to avoid confusion, the original action has been renamed FLAC files to ALAC (Batch Processor). The FLAC File to ALAC action is a stub which has been kept to ensure that the action update process works. The action will do nothing except tell you why it exists.

Content List:

Action : FLAC files to ALAC (Batch Processor)

Action : FLAC files to ALAC on Selected Files

Action : FLAC Files to ALAC


Yate v6.3


2020-02-27  First release.

2020-02-27  v1.1 patches.

2020-02-27  v1.2 patches.

2020-07-18  v1.3 Previous posted item had an incorrect version number. Additional information displayed in the case of an XLD error.

2020-09-13  v1.4 Added documentation link.

2020-12-14  v2.0 Added new functionality.

2021-01-25  v3.0 Added FLAC files to ALAC on Selected Files. Renamed FLAC files to ALAC to FLAC files to ALAC (Batch Processor).


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