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Generic Text Importer


If you have metadata saved in a fixed format text file or the system clipboard, this action can be used to import the metadata. An older version of the action which was named Generic Text File Importer. You can safely delete the older action.

The metadata in the supplied content can occupy any number of lines.

The format of the metadata for any one record in the content is specified in a File to Tag Template. By specifying a \n escape sequence in the template you can easily parse multiple lines of input. If the content contains a full path or a filename with or without an extension in a particular field, use a ❨Variable 0❩ token in the File to tag Template to store that field.

Each time the actions are run the previously used File to Tag template will be displayed as the initial value. As more often than not the metadata is a track number followed by a space, comma or period followed by a title, a File to Tag template is supplied which implements this metadata format extraction.

There are two modes of applying the metadata. In linear mode, successive records in the text file are applied to selected files. Unused records or selected files are ignored.

In match mode, the supplied template contained a ❨Variable 0❩ token identifying a field with identifying information. An attempt is first made to match the identifying field against a file's full path. If no match is made an attempt is made to match the filename with filename extension. If no match is made an attempt is made to match the filename without extension.

There are two variants which can be run:

Generic Text Importer (File)
You will be prompted for a text file which contains the metadata.

Generic Text Importer (Clipboard)
The metadata is read from the system clipboard.

Generic Text Importer (Main) is called by each of the above actions and should never be directly invoked.

The actions run as follows:

After running the action, you can return all files to the exact previous state via Edit>Revert to Editing State.

Content List:

    Folder: Generic Text Importer
        Generic Text Importer (Main)
        Generic Text Importer (File)
        Generic Text Importer (Clipboard)

File to Tag Templates:
    Track (Space|Comma|Period) Title

File List Filters:
    Generic Text Importer


Yate v6.0.2


2019-03-25  First release.

2020-02-03  Updated to support the clipboard and default templates.

2020-07-07  Updated for Yate v6.0.

2020-09-13  v3.1 Added documentation link.

2020-09-24  v3.2 Provided missing filter.


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