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HTML Track Display


This action produces an HTML file describing the loaded tracks. The display is designed to be a track listing similar to what is displayed on iTunes or Amazon. The action handles albums and also a mixed set of tracks from multiple albums and/or multiple folders. The action can be run interactively or through the Batch Processor.

The produced HTML file is self contained with the exception of a thumbnail for the artwork. The thumbnail is a 300x300 jpeg. The embedded CSS was designed to be as easy as possible to edit in the case that you want to make changes.

While the action is running, changes can be made to the selected tracks. However, when the action terminates the tracks are returned to exactly the same state they were in before running the action.

When the action is run for the first time, you are prompted to supply the default values for various settings. These settings are retained. If for any reason you want to go through the initialization process again, start the action while holding down the option key.

The information displayed is divided into two parts. The top of the page displays a left justified image. The image, from its original audio file, can optionally be opened in Yate's Artwork Viewer. Immediately to the right of the image is the overall information. This includes the following information:

The Album name
If there is no Album field or it is inconsistent, you will be prompted for a name to display. If running through the Batch Processor, a specified default name will be used. If the name to display is empty, Various Tracks will be used. If all tracks are in the same folder, clicking on the Album name can optionally load the folder in Yate.

The Album Artist name
If there is no non empty consistent Album Artist field, the Artist field will be examined. If there is still no name, Unknown Artist will be used. If there are names but they are inconsistent, Various Artists will be used.

The Year
If the Year field is not consistent, nothing will be displayed.

The Duration
The summed duration of all tracks is displayed.

The Genre
If the Genre field is consistent, it will be displayed. If there are no genres available, nothing will be displayed. If there are multiple genres, they will be displayed separated by commas, sorted by increasing occurrences first.

The bottom of the display describes the individual tracks. If all tracks are in the same album, the list of tracks will be sorted to ensure the correct disc/track order. Each line contains the following three fields:

The Number
The number can be a track number or disc.track number sequence. This depends on the tracks themselves and various options. When the action determines that not all tracks are in the same album, there is an option to number the displayed tracks from 1.

The Title Field
This consists of one to three components. If there is no Title field, Unknown Track is displayed. If the track's Artist field is not empty and it is not the same as the previously chosen Album Artist item, the text by artist will be displayed. If the tracks are from multiple albums and the ALbum field is not empty, you can optionally have from the album Album Name displayed.

The Track's Duration
You can configure the display of duration offsets to be displayed when hovering over this field.

You can also optionally have each tracks's title be a link to the file. Depending on the audio file type, the OS version and the browser you display in, the link may play the content from a displayed control.

When the action is first run, you will be asked for the following information:

A default album name
If the selected tracks do not have a consistent album name and you are running in the YUI, you will be prompted for a name to use. When running in the batch processor, Various Tracks will be used unless you specify a different name.

A renumber option
You can specify that in the case of an inconsistent Album field, you want the tracks to be renumbered from 1.

An option to display album names
You can specify that in the case of an inconsistent Album field, you want album names to be displayed in the per track information's Title field. This is optional as if you are displaying a playlist you might not want the information.

A link option
You can choose to create the Title fields as links to the audio files.

The choice of link format
When creating links and all the tracks are in a single folder, the action will by default use relative paths to the audio files. You can specify that you always want to use absolute paths.

The Album Artist field delimiter
You can override the default of the multi-value delimiter.

The Artist field delimiter
You can override the default of the multi-value delimiter.

The Genre field delimiter
You can override the default of the multi-value delimiter.

What to do if there is no common default artwork item
There are three choices: You can elect to choose any available artwork item; you can choose to omit the artwork display; you can select an image file to be used.

Album field links
You can elect to make the Album field a link to open the album in Yate.

Artwork as a link
You can elect to make the displayed artwork to be a link to open the full size image in Yate's artwork viewer.

Running duration
You can enable the display of a positional duration in the list by hovering over a tracks's duration.

The following files will be produced: tracklist.html and tracklist.jpg.

If you are running in the UI and there is more than one represented folder, you will be asked for a location to place the produced files. If there is only one referenced folder, the files will be placed in an HTML subfolder in the referenced folder.

If you are running in the UI and there is no consistent non empty Album name, you will be prompted to enter a name to use. You can also pick any of the referenced album names.

If you are running in the UI the created page will be opened in your default browser.

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Actions: HTML Track Display


Yate v6.5


2018-05-21  First release.

2020-10-02  v1.1 Cleaned up. Added a documentation link.

2020-10-04  v1.2 Added dark mode support.

2020-10-04  v1.3 A second attempt at dark mode support.

2021-05-18  v2.0 Added support for: Loading a folder into Yate; viewing the displayed image (from the original source) in Yate's Artwork Viewer; optionally displaying track offsets in tooltips.


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