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Import All Artwork in Folder


A simple action used to import all artwork contained in a folder. The largest (wxh) image will be made the default artwork item and will have a picture type of Cover (front). All other imported items will have a picture type of Other. Pre-existing artwork is retained.

You can optionally remove invalid artwork (Invalid) or all pre-existing artwork (Clear) prior to the import. When clearing all pre-existing artwork you can optionally only do it if artwork is loaded.

Note that the action does not save the results so if you run it through the Batch Processor make sure the auto-save option is enabled.

Content List:

Actions: Import All Artwork in Folder


Yate v6.4


2021-04-02  v.0 First general release.

2021-04-02  v1.1 Added artwork removal options.

2021-04-02  v1.2 Removed D and Always setting from Action Manager.

2021-04-02  v1.3 Added only Clear if artwork imported option.


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