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Log Missing Items


This action tests for empty or not empty fields and UDTIs. It also looks for filenames containing invalid characters or characters which do not adhere to a specific encoding.

The first time you run the action, your preferences will be saved. You will not be asked for your preferences again unless you run the action with the Option key depressed.

A file is created at: ~/Documents/Yate/Log Missing Items.txt

The action can be run through the batch processor or in the UI.

The preferences are maintained in Tag Sets which start with LMI: and in action runtime settings in a Log Missing Items Runtime Settings set..

Content List:

Action: Log Missing Items


Yate v6.0.2


2019-05-14  v1.0 First release.

2020-04-05  v2.0 Added encoding support.

2020-07-07  v3.0 Updated for Yate v6.0.

2020-09-13  v3.1 Added documentation link.


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