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Lyrics Finder is a free application by MediaHuman which downloads lyrics. The Extract Lyrics via LyricsFinder action interacts with LyricsFinder to import lyrics into selected audio files. Note that if you are running macOS 10.10 or 10.11 you will have to download an older version of the application available on their web site.

When run standalone, the Lyrics Finder application commits results to audio files. This action interacts with Lyrics Finder by making requests in a stub file. This file is a tiny mp3 file which contains the metadata used to search for lyrics. Using this methodology, returned lyrics can be copied to selected audio files without committing the results. This also ensures that all supported audio file types can be used.

The first time the Extract Lyrics via LyricsFinder action is run you might be asked by the OS to grant permission to control LyricsFinder. The action may fail when you grant permission. Subsequent runs will work.

The configuration panel will automatically be displayed unless you check the Do not automatically show this panel checkbox. If you enable the suppression of the configuration panel, you will have to run the LyricsFinder Configuration action to change settings.

You can configure the following settings:

Do not search if lyrics exist
When enabled and an audio file already has lyrics the audio file will be ignored. Initially enabled.

Do not search if Skip When Shuffling
When enabled and an audio file has Skip When Shuffling enabled, the audio file will be ignored.

Do not search if Instrumental
When enabled if an audio file has a case insensitive UDTI or custom field named Instrumental, the audio file will be ignored.

Do not search if has a genre in list
The value field of the setting is a list of comma separated genres. The menu control at the right of the value field contains the items on your Genre list. Items in the menu are appended when selected. Any audio file which has a genre in the specified exclusion list, will be ignored.

Genre separator sequence
When the above setting is enabled, the contents of this setting's value field represents the sequence used to separate genres in the Genre field. When empty, the multi value delimiter is assumed.

Title field replacement set
An optional replacement set to be applied to the Title field. You can use this to remove or modify sequences in the Title field prior to searching. It is recommended that the to column in the replacement items contains at the least a single space. After applying the replacements, the Title field will have spaces trimmed and compressed.

Attempt Composer
When enabled if no match has been made and the Composer field is not empty, search using the Composer field.

Attempt Lyricist
When enabled and no match has been made and the Lyricist field is not empty, search using the Lyricist field.

LyricsFinder activation delay
It's possible that a delay is required after activating Lyrics Finder. The default delay is 0.1 seconds. If you start receiving AppleScript errors, try increasing the delay.

Maximum per file wait time
When interacting with the LyricsFinder application, the action checks once per second to see if any lyrics have been acquired. There is no mechanism other than timing out to establish that no lyrics were returned. This field sets the maximum number of seconds to wait for a response. The initial value is 10 seconds and any integer greater than or equal to 2 can be specified.


Folder: LyricsFinder

Extract Lyrics via LyricsFinder

LyricsFinder Configuration


Yate v6.17


Date Version Information
2023-04-18 1.0 First release.
2023-04-29 1.1 Added the ability to optionally search on Composer and Lyricist.
2023-06-30 1.2 Added the ability to reference a replacement set to be applied to the Title field.
2023-09-30 1.3 Configuration rewritten for Yate v6.17. Added an activation delay.


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