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Many people stage their downloads and only move the tracks to their final destination after tagging. This sample action assumes that you are moving tracks to the following folder and file naming convention:

base path/x/album artist/year - album/dtt - Title.ext


If the Album Artist field starts with any of the words in the Natural Sort Exception Set, the word will be ignored when extracting the first letter. For example The Band will be placed under B, not T. Further, the album artist path component will be displayed as Band, The.

While the function can be run in Grouped execution mode, it is far more efficient when run Stepwise. None of the control flow decisions made in the action depend of the metadata of a single track.

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Actions: Move to Alpha

Rename Templates: Move to Alpha


Yate v4.0


2014-09-28  First release.

2014-10-31  Updated to handle non English languages better.

2014-12-03  Minor optimizations based on v3.2.1 changes.

2015-02-09  Documentation changes.

2018-04-03  Updated for v4.0.


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