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Musician Credits to DB


It may be desirable to view credits for all tracks in an album at once. This action creates a database file presenting the data for all loaded files (not necessarily selected). If you want it to operate only on selected files, uncheck the All Files column in the Action Manager. All credits, built in and those in custom fields can be included. The Musician Credits field is always processed. All other credit fields are optional. After producing the database, it is automatically opened.

main panel

The above panel is displayed each time the action is run. Unless you Cancel, the settings are retained.

You must select a location for the database file to be saved. This is always a .csv file.

There are two formats for the database:

Roles - People
This is the same as the layout in the Musician Credits and Involved People fields. Each role is associated with one or more people. If Merge items is enabled, multiple people can be displayed on a single row. If Merge items is not enabled, multiple rows will be displayed if there are multiple people for a role. Columns named Roles and People will be produced.

People - Roles
In this format a person is displayed associated with one or more roles. If Merge items is enabled, multiple roles can be displayed on a single row. If Merge items is not enabled, multiple rows will be displayed if there are multiple roles for a person. Columns named People and Roles will be produced.

The Include track references option is only displayed if all tracks have a consistent Album field.

When Include track references is selected, a third column named Tracks will be produced. If the column is empty the credit described on the row is present in all of the tracks. The column can contain one or more track numbers (or disc.track numbers) representing the tracks on which the credit is associated.

The remainder of the rows display the credit types which can be displayed. The displayed items will vary depending on what custom fields you have defined which are marked as being a credit. Note that the check box is a tri-state. When the item is checked, it will be accumulated and the multi-value delimiter is assumed to separate multiple items. When the check box is mixed (-), the Non Standard Delimiters defined in Preferences- Lists - Advanced Settings will be used to delimit multiple items. Note that the mixed setting is equivalent to checked for the Involved People field.

There are context menu items to modify all the credit settings at once.

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Actions: Musician Credits to DB


Yate v6.10.1


Date Version Information
2016-05-17 v1.0 First release.
2016-08-28 v1.1 Yate v3.14 optimizations.
2020-09-13 v2.0 Added configuration.
2022-05-18 v3.0 Completely rewritten. Added support for all credit fields and a track display.
2022-05-20 v3.1 Track lists were not always removed if present on all tracks. Merge items is no longer mutually exclusive with Include track references.
2022-05-27 v3.2 Added the ability to create standalone databases and to auto open the produced files.


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