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Prepend Roman Numerals to Part


This action attempts to correct the numbering of Part fields. It uses Part and Work custom fields. It will work on any number of files and albums as long as the selected files are in correct order.

The action illustrates the power of lists as they are extensively used to avoid the need for multiple passes over the files. It also uses a single Renumber Tracks statement to auto number all required files such that each Work starts from 1.

The action starts by modifying Work-Part combinations where Part starts with a Roman Numeral or integer value, followed by a delimiter. The following patterns are handled:

No. integer delimiter
integer delimiter
Roman Numeral delimiter

The implemented set of delimiters are: space, dash (-), period (.) and right parenthesis. Note that when a modification occurs all contiguous sequences of the delimiters are removed.

The main thrust of the action is in the auto numbering of Work-Part combinations. Works are disabled from auto numbering based on the following conditions:

Note that all selected files are contiguous. If you have files:

1 - Work=Test Part=one
2 - Work=Test Part=two
3 - Work=empty
4 - Work=Test Part=three

and you select files 1,2,4 ... the action will assume that there is no break between files 2 and 4.

When a Part is auto numbered the prepended sequence will be an upper case Roman Numeral followed by a period(.) followed by a space.

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Actions: Prepend Roman Numerals to Part


Yate v6.4


2021-03-23  v1.5 First general release.


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