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Remove Remixer from Artist


This action will remove a remixer from the Artist field. If there is only one name in the Artist field it will not be removed. Note that the action will only work if there is at most one name in the Remixer field.

The action assumes that items in the Artist field are delimited by the multi value delimiter. If an alternate delimiter is being used you must modify the action. See the action's documentation for more information.

The metadata downloaded by the Beatport Importer often has the name of the remixer duplicated in the Artist metadata. This action can automatically be run by specifying it in the Run action after import field in the importer's settings panel. If you are supplying a join sequence, the action will have to be modified as discussed above.

Content List:

    Remove Remixer from Artist


Yate v6.0.2


2019-12-22  v1.0 First release.

2020-09-13  Added documentation link.


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