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Repair Files from Audio File Health Check Log


This action will attempt to clean all files identified as having errors in a log file produced by Audio File Health Check. Note that no attempt is made to fix the simple 'convention' type errors such as multiple items having the same description field.

This version of the action must be run in immediate mode ... not in the Batch Processor. The action does not need any audio files to be loaded in order to run. The action can be easily run via:

Actions>Run Repair Files from Audio File Health Check Log.

Previous versions of this action wrote the action's setting to a Replacement Set named Repair Files from AFHC. The replacement set can be safely deleted in Preferences - Replacements.

The action produces a crash safe log file which is written to:

~/Documents/Yate/AFHC Repair Log.txt

The log file will be opened in the Log Viewer when the action completes.

The first time the action is run you will be prompted to supply your preferences as to how the action operates. If at any time you wish to change your preferences, hold down the Option key when starting the action.

The following is a description of the configuration questions:

Do you want the action to clear private information in the Owner and Identification fields?

Choose Yes or No to remove private information from the files.

If a file is damaged and cannot be opened, you have the option of suppressing the error messages.

Choose Yes or No. Each time a message is displayed at runtime, subsequent messages can be suppressed.

You can control the amount of information which gets written to the log. From the picker control choose your deired level of logging.

The choices are:

Errors only
Choose this setting if you are only interested in errors.
Errors and file writes
Choose this setting if you want to know which files have been modified.
Errors, file writes and file loads
Choose this setting if you want a log entry written before loading each file.

This action can move files which cannot be opened to a different folder.
Do you want to move damaged files?

If a file cannot be opened you have the option of moving it to a different location. The next question will only be asked if you answer Yes.

Files which cannot be opened will be moved to {path}/YYYYMMDDhhmmss
YYYYMMDDhhmmss is the compressed representation of the current date and time.
If a file being moved is a duplicate, (#) will be appended, guaranteeing uniqueness.
A file called History.txt will be in the same folder describing the source --> destination information.
If you do not choose a path for the 'Fatal Folder',  ~/Documents/Yate/FatalFiles will be used.
Would you like to choose an alternate folder?

You can elect to use the default location or you can choose an alternate folder.

This action can attempt to determine the location of Audio File Health Check's log file. If the location can be determined and the file located, you wil not have to choose a location.
Select Prompt to always be prompted for the location. Choose Auto to let the action attempt to determine the log file's location.

The action can attempt to open the file written by Audio File Health Check without you having to choose the location of the file. If you move the files you can choose Prompt.

Content List:

Actions: Repair Files from Audio File Health Check Log


Yate v6.2


2015-09-05  First release.

2015-09-25  Updated to support the Batch Processor's Data File Processing mode.

2016-03-20  Supports Audio File Health Check v1.1. Fixes major issues where some files were being skipped.

2016-09-17  V3.0: Updated for Yate v3.14.1.

2016-09-20  V3.1: Forgot to bump version test to Audio File Health Check v1.2

2016-10-24  V3.2: Included text to describe what to do if the action does not support the latest version of Audio File Health Check.

2017-12-26  V3.3: Added status updates and crash safe tracing.

2018-01-02  V3.4: Added the auto-renaming of mp3 files with incorrect m4a filename extension. Requires Audio File Health Check v1.3, file tracing and the moving of Fatal files.

2018-04-03  V3.5: Updated for Yate v4.0.

2018-05-22  V3.6: Updated for Yate v4.1. Supports Audio File Health Check v1.4.

2018-11-01  V3.7: Supports Audio File Health Check v1.5. Minor tweaks.

2019-01-10  V3.8: Supports Audio File Health Check v1.6.

2019-03-25  V3.9: Added a Version statement.

2020-07-01  V4.0: Rewritten to run in immediate mode. Released to the Preview thread.

2020-07-01  V4.1: Various minor fixes.

2020-09-13  V4.2: Added documentation link.

2020-10-26  V4.3: Provided a better error dialog when the action is run via the Batch Processor.

2020-12-14  V4.4: New version test for Audio File Health Check v1.7.


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