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Repair Files from Audio File Health Check Log V3.9


This action will attempt to clean all files identified as having errors in a log file produced by Audio File Health Check. Note that no attempt is made to fix the simple 'convention' type errors such as multiple items having the same description field..

The action can only be run by the Batch Processor. The recommended way to run it is to drag the log file onto the Batch Processor's target which will eliminate the need to specify an irrelevant root folder. The action will also run correctly if started by dragging a folder as opposed to the log file into the Batch Processor.

The first time the action is run you will be prompted to supply your preferences as to how the action operates. If at any time you wish to change your preferences, hold down the Option key when selecting Start in the Batch Processor.

Content List:

Actions: Repair Files from Audio File Health Check Log


Yate v4.6.1


2015-09-05  First release.

2015-09-25  Updated to support the Batch Processor's Data File Processing mode.

2016-03-20  Supports Audio File Health Check v1.1. Fixes major issues where some files were being skipped.

2016-09-17  V3.0: Updated for Yate v3.14.1.

2016-09-20  V3.1: Forgot to bump version test to Audio File Health Check v1.2

2016-10-24  V3.2: Included text to describe what to do if the action does not support the latest version of Audio File Health Check.

2017-12-26  V3.3: Added status updates and crash safe tracing.

2018-01-02  V3.4: Added the auto-renaming of mp3 files with incorrect m4a filename extension. Requires Audio File Health Check v1.3, file tracing and the moving of Fatal files.

2018-04-03  V3.5: Updated for Yate v4.0.

2018-05-22  V3.6: Updated for Yate v4.1. Supports Audio File Health Check v1.4.

2018-11-01  V3.7: Supports Audio File Health Check v1.5. Minor tweaks.

2019-01-10  V3.8: Supports Audio File Health Check v1.6.

2019-03-25  V3.9: Added a Version statement.


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