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Roon Mappings


Roon uses User Defined Text information Items for Conductor, Ensemble, Soloist, Work, WorkID, Part, Section, Roon Album Tag and Roon Track Tag.

For ease of use the fields can be mapped to Custom fields. This will make them easier to access in actions and will enable them to be displayed on Custom Edit Panels.

Choosing the Roon item in Preferences-Audio-Common Application Presets menu will set various Roon compatibility settings. if you want to ensure that the modified settings are applied to your files, you can run a simple one line action through the Batch Processor and re-save all your files. The Force Save Files sample action is provided which you can use.

If you open the Custom Panel Editor, you can import the RoonMapping.plist file via the Import/Export function button. This will result in a Custom Panel displaying the eight extended fields. The Roon custom fields will be created at the same time.

Content List:

Custom Edit Panels: 1

Custom Field Mappings : (smart)


Yate v4.6


2017-05-03  First release.

2018-04-03  Update for v4 custom fields.

2019-02-09  While evidently not really required, updated to include APE mappings for completeness.

2019-11-22  Added mappings to ROONALBUMTAG and ROONTRACKTAG.

2019-11-26  Added mapping for SECTION.


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