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Update Files from Track Database

Two actions are provided to update files from a track database. Both actions will update a loaded file, (if found), or directly to disk. The actions will run without any loaded files and which loaded files are selected, if any, is completely ignored.

The column which contains the path to the file is used to determine a files's location. All editable columns in the database will have their values applied to a file.

The actions must be run from an open track database via the Run Action context menu item.

The following actions are provided:

Update from Selected Rows

Only those rows which are selected in the database will be processed.

Update from Modified Rows

This action is useful if you are going to be editing the database external to Yate. An out of bounds column configured to be a Yes/No column named Modified must exist. Only those rows marked as modified will be processed. After updating a file, its associated Modified value will be cleared. The action does not save a modified database. You have to save the database when closing.

Content List, Requirements & History

Content List:

Action : Update from Selected Rows

Action : Update from Modified Rows

Action: Helper: Update FIles Execute


Yate v6.13.1


Date Version Information
2022-05-18 v1.0 First release.
2022-10-27 v1.1 Changed the action icons.
2022-11-08 v1.2 Changed the action icons.
2023-01-25 v1.3 Helper action was not marked hidden.


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