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Lookup Wikipedia Artist Bio


Given an artist name, the actions attempt to locate a bio for the artist on WikiPedia. If a bio is found and artwork can be located as well, it will be displayed in the Artwork Viewer.

Lookup Wikipedia Artist Bio

This action is user facing. You are prompted for an artist and if a match is found, the results are displayed. When displayed you can copy the results to the system clipboard. You can enter an artist name or pick one of the artist in your Artist list via the picker control.

WikiPedia is picky as to how pages are named. Typically the actions do a title case transformation on the artist names you specify. This tends to work in a majority of cases. However names which begin with Mc or MacD have to be capitalized as they are correctly spelled. The actions uses an exception set named Lookup WikiPedia Artist Bio. You can disable the automatic case transformations by enabling the Disable case transformations checkbox.

According to WikiPedia's guidelines a match attempt should first be done without the use of disambiguation. ie. without any qualifiers. However, as many names cannot be located without a qualifier, this action will try all that could apply to artist names: (musician), (band), (singer), (rapper), (group), (vocal ensemble), (duo), (entertainer), (composer), (DJ) and (music producer). If you wish you can manually enter a qualifier which has the effect of pushing it to the front of the list. It also has the effect of moving the unqualified item to the end of the list.

More information on disambiguation and qualifiers can be found in the following article: Wikipedia:Naming conventions (music).

If a band has a name which is a common term, try putting the word The in front of the name. Try entering Eels or Egg.

When a match is made the matching text is displayed in the panel's title.

You can change the requested size of the artist image by selecting the Configure... button. The initial value is 500x500. You can change the value to anything in the range of 100 to 1500.

Lookup Wikipedia Artist Bio - Main

This action cannot be run from the UI. However, it can be called from another action. The following named variables can be set before the action is called:

This must contain the artist name.

Get Artwork
If you want to retrieve an artwork URL, set this named variable to a non zero integer value. The requested size of the image is read from a runtime action setting named Size in a set named Lookup Wikipedia Artist Bio. If the size is 0, 500 is used. If less than 100, 100 is used. If greater than 1500, 1500 is used.

Disable Case
If the named variable contains a non zero integer value no case transformations will be applied.

On exit from the action the following named variables may be set:

If the artist was matched, Bio will contain the extracted text. Otherwise, it will be empty.

If Bio is not empty, Matched will contain the artist text which was matched.

Artwork Path
If a URL to an image was found, Artwork Path will contain it. Otherwise, it will be empty.

If a URL was located, ext will contain the filename extension. (jpg or png).

Content List:

Actions: Lookup Wikipedia Artist Bio

Actions: Lookup Wikipedia Artist Bio - Main


Yate v6.11


Date Version Information
2021-05-19 v1.0 First release.
2021-12-04 v2.0 Optimized for Yate v6.7.
2022-09-20 v3.0 Minor bug fixes and button layout changes.
2023-02-04 v3.1 A consistent {album} artist in selected files was not preselected.


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