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Modify Tracks Downloaded from eClassical


Perform cleanup on tracks downloaded from eClassical. This will only operate on MP3 and FLAC files.

In FLAC files the Publisher field will contain what should have been in Label. This is clear from the Label descriptions on their web site. The metadata will be used.

eClassical uses last name, first name in all credits fields containing names. These will be flipped.

Many Involved People and Musician Credits items will be in the incorrect field. This will move the items and will completely move out simple credits such as Conductor, Composer, etc.

NOTE: Downloaded FLAC files will only have correct metadata if the correct FLAC mappings are in place. You can download the mappings from the Templates section of the Resources web page.

Additional information can be found in the Special Requirements for tracks purchased from eClassical topic on Yate's main help page.

Content List:

    Modify Tracks Downloaded from eClassical


Yate v6.0.2


2020-01-16  v1.0 First release.

2020-09-13  Added documentation link.


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