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Yate has the ability to create m3u files which include Yate Track IDs. All players will support the playing of these files as the track IDs are placed in comment lines. If you move or rename your tracks and you have created a default track database, it is possible to automatically update the m3u files. These actions will only operate if a default track database is specified in Preferences - Databases.

Eight actions are included in this bundle. Six of the actions are helpers and are marked as hidden in the Action Manager. The other two actions are functional.

Both of the actions allow you to select one or more m3u(8) files and folders. When a folder is specified, all m3u(8) files in the folder will be examined.

When files are written the file encoding specified in Preferences - m3u Files is used.

Both actions display results in the Log Viewer.

Change m3u(8) files to Yate encoding

All selected m3u(8) files will be converted to a Yate format, if not already formatted as such. When a file is reformatted an attempt will be made to keep the path specifications as initially specified (relative or absolute).

The Yate Track IDs will be located by looking up the file paths in the default track database.

Note that if your default track database has conflicts in the column containing the file paths, the action will terminate with an error message.

Repair selected m3u(8) files

The action will process all selected m3u(8) files which are Yate formatted. It will attempt to repair incorrect file paths in the files by looking up the Yate Track IDs in the default track database.

The action can force all paths to be absolute, attempt to make them relative or to leave their absolute/relative state unchanged if possible. The first time you run the action you will be prompted to choose a path formatting method. You will not be prompted again unless you hold down the Option key when starting the action.

Note that if your default track database has conflicts in the column containing the Yate Track IDs, the action will terminate with an error message.

As the m3u encoding could have been changed since the files were produced, this action will always rewrite all processed files.

Content List:

Folder: m3u Suite

    Change m3u(8) files to Yate encoding

    Repair selected m3u(8) files

    m3u Helper: Open the Default Track Database

    m3u Helper: Get a list of m3u(8) files

    m3u Helper: Read m3u file

    m3u Helper: Append message to log

    m3u Helper: Write m3u file

    m3u Helper: Repair m3u file


Yate v6.0.2


2019-12-19  v1.0 First release.

2020-07-07  v2.0 Updated for Yate v6.0.

2020-07-21  v2.1 The produced log was displaying flipped m3u and m3u8 filename extensions.

2020-09-13  v2.2 Added documentation link.

2022-06-06  v2.3 Fixed a bug which could cause some functionality to fail.


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