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The Apple Music actions are designed to provide various means of extracting metadata from Apple Music. On tracks purchased from the iTunes store this process is simpler.

A number of actions are provided but only three are user accessible.

AM: Profile Manager

The Profile Manager is used to create/edit/delete profiles used by the search and extract actions. You can configure as many profiles as you wish but you must have at least one. There is also the concept of a default profile which can be directly accessed. More information on the Profile Manager and profiles can be found in The Profile Manager.

When editing a profile, this action can directly run the other two.

AM: Extract Metadata

When you purchase albums from iTunes the tracks have an Apple Music Playlist ID. This ID provides sufficient context to locate the album in the appropriate iTunes store. Purchased tracks also have an Apple Music Catalog ID which can be used to properly map files to individual tracks. Yate stores both these IDs as UDTIs.

This action only processes files with an Apple Music Playlist ID. All other files are ignored. It will attempt to import metadata for each unique Apple Music Playlist ID in the selected files. When called directly, the default profile is always used.

When files do not contain an Apple Music Catalog ID a mapping panel will be presented, if necessary, to allow you to change the file to track mappings.

Whenever per track metadata is imported an Apple Storefront UDTI will be written to the files. When this action is directly started, a consistant Apple Storefront value across all files will supercede the storefront specified in the profile.

Note that as with the Discogs and MusicBrainz wizards, you can elect to run an action whenever metadata is imported. You configure this in the Profile Manager.

AM: Album Search

This action groups selected files according to the profile settings and performs an album search for each grouping. You enter a query which is typically the album or artist name. A database will be presented with each album which satisfies the query. You would then select a single album in the results and continue.

At this point, the Apple Music Playlist ID will be stored in the files and the AM: Extract Metadata action will be called to import the metadata.

This action emulates the Discogs and MusicBrainz wizards with the added ability to work on more than one album at a time.


You must create at least one profile before you start. If you want to import metadata for files purchased from the iTunes store, you can directly run AM: Extract Metadata. If you want to search for albums you would run the AM: Album Search action.

All panels presented by the various actions have a help button which provides browser based help for the panel.

Remove HTML from Description Field

The Description field downloaded from Apple Music sometimes has embedded {X}HTML sequences. This action strips them out and performs a few other modifications.

Any variable of <br> will be replaced with a \n sequence. Note that this may cause the Description field's displayed text to be blue as \n is technically invalid. However, it doesn't hurt and inserting newline characters where intended makes the description easier to read.

Escaped < > & sequences are unescaped.

If you wish you can specify this action in a profile's Post Import Action option and have it run automatically each time something is imported.

Content List, Requirements & History

Content List:

Action : AM Helper: Create New Profile Obj

Action : AM Helper: Skip Selected Files

AM Helper: Extract Metadata via Playlist ID

AM Helper: Extract Profile Metadata

AM Helper: Get Album Metadata

AM Helper: Present Mapping Results

AM Helper: Profile Container to Runtime Settings

AM Helper: Results to Database

AM Helper: Runtime Settings to Profile Container

AM Helper: Search for Album

AM Helper: Skip Selected Files>

AM: Extract Metadata

AM: Album Search

AM: Profile Manager

AM: Remove HTML from Description Field


Yate v6.7


2021-12-04  v1.0 first release.
2022-01-09  v1.1
Added warnings if AM: Extract Metadata was run and no tracks have an Apple Playist ID.
Bug fix: If grouping tracks by the Album field and a track had trailing spaces in the Album field, the track would not be processed.


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