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Open Opus


Open Opus ( provides free classical metadata for a number of composers and their works. For now the dataset is being provided as a Yate database file. The database can be viewed and easily searched and filtered.

Download and unzip file.

The database occupies the two files named OpenOpus.csv and OpenOpus.plist. The database is opened by loading OpenOpus.csv in Yate.

There is also an action provided which can be used show artwork for a composer in a browser. The action is contained in a file named ShowOpenOpusArtwork.plist. Import the file via Yate>Import Preferences.

The action is run as follows: select any row in the database. From the database viewer's context menu select Run Action>Show Open Opus Artwork. Remember that when you run an action from a database there has to be at least one selected file in the main window.

Content List:

Databases: OpenOpus

Actions: Show Open Opus Artwork


Yate v5.1.2


2020-03-19  First release.


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