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Synthesize Work and Part for Roon


Most of Yate's classical fields were initially implemented to support the equivalent fields in iTunes. While FLAC mappings can be configured pretty much to anything, the same is not true for the mappings used by other audio types.

Roon uses Work and Part mappings to describe the information. Work has to contain the Work Name metadata while part is formatted as R#. Movement Name. R# is the Movement Number as a Roman numeral.

When you import this action, the Work and Part custom fields will be imported.

This action synthesizes the Work and Part custom fields based on the content of the Work Name, Movement Name and Movement Number fields. Note that a non empty Work or Part field will not be overwritten.

You can view these fields by creating a custom edit panel. You can import one on this site from: Roon Mappings.

Content List:

Actions: Synthesize Work and Part for Roon

Custom Field: Part

Custom Field: Work


Yate v4.1


2016-06-01  First release.


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