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Audio File Health Check scans your audio files and reports on the errors encountered. The application will analyze mp3 (includes mp2), m4a (AAC, ALAC), mp4 (AAC, ALAC), m4b, m4v, flac, aiff (aifc, aif), dff, dsf, ape, wav, ogg (single stream Vorbis and Opus), Monkey’s Audio (ape) and WavPack (wv) files. The application is companion app to Yate. It does not repair audio files.

The latest version is released on 2020-05-02.


dff2dsf is an application used to convert .dff audio files to .dsf files. Note that there is no loss of quality in the conversion process: the conversion is a repackaging not a re-encoding.

The latest version is 1.5 released on 2019-05-14.


Plaster is an application used to, well plaster, images on folder icons.

There are two modes of operation.

The first method is to drag any image file from the Finder to the plaster image in the application’s window. You can also drag any file which is not an image file but you think may contain a valid image. This includes files such as mp3 and m4a files. You can also drag an image directly from your browser. You can also drag any application to use its icon. If you want to copy an icon already on a folder, hold down the Shift key and drag over the folder. Once you have an image displayed in the application’s window, drag over the folder you want to plaster. That’s all you have to do to plaster an icon onto a folder.

The second method is to drag over a folder containing one or more image files. An image will be chosen at random from the image files in the folder and will be displayed. If you like the image chosen, hit the button with the Plaster icon. Alternately, if more images are available, you can hit the Try Again button and another image will be chosen. If you decide you do not want to plaster an icon on the folder, you can hit the Cancel button. This mode will also display a Remove button. Hitting Remove will remove the current icon on the folder, if any.

It’s that simple. Happy plastering!
Plaster is available for free as a token of appreciation to all of our great users and supporters.

The latest version is 2.1 released on 2020-11-02.


Folder Album Artwork is used to automatically populate folder icons with the artwork contained in a folder’s audio files. If you’re missing artwork in your audio files, the artwork can be populated from iTunes.

Drag over one or more folders and populate subfolders automatically. Process thousands of folders with a single drag.Random assignment of artwork to parent folders without audio files.

Quick mode lets your drag folders directly onto the app icon rather than having to open it for every job, remembering your previous sessions settings.

Drag any image from iTunes, the web, iPhoto etc. to assign it to a folder.
Auto extracts images from mp3 and m4a files.
Batch extract artwork from iTunes to produce icons for your folders.
Change the icon of your applications with a simple drag and drop.
Convert single images and batch convert a folder’s worth of images.

The latest version is 2.3.1 released on 2020-11-02.