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I have hundreds of folders containing music. Do I have to process each one individually?

No, simply drag the root folder to the 'drop zone' and ensure that the shelf options specify Process subfolders or Ignore start folders.

I have a single root folder for my music but I don't want to change its icons. Do I have to drag over its subfolders to avoid doing this?

No, just set the Ignore start folders option in the shelf and drag over your root folder.

I don't like the artwork chosen at random for one of my parent folders. Do I have to run the entire process again?

Yes and no. You can't just set the shelf option to Single folder only and expect it to work. If we don't traverse the subfolders we have no way of knowing what artwork is available. You have two options. Select Overwrite mode and run the entire process again, which is usually a pretty quick process, or do it in two stages. First set the shelf options to Single folder only and Remove. Then drag over the parent folder you want to change. Next set the shelf options to Process subfolders and Create. Then drag the parent folder over again. This will not recreate any of the subfolders existing artwork but will recreate the parents icon.

I've extracted all my artwork from iTunes using Batch extract from iTunes, but none of my parent folders have artwork.

That's correct, we only process what we can see. When batch extracting artwork from iTunes we only see individual track and their associated file locations. In this mode we don't know anything about parent folders. To solve this problem set the shelf options to Process subfolders and Create. Then drag the root folder over. This will only assign icons to the parent folders which do not have icon artwork.

I did a run and the results panel says that tons of icons were changed. However, none of my icons appear to have changed?

This is usually a Finder behaviour. Sometimes if you wait a couple of seconds, the icons will change. Sometimes the artwork shows up in cover flow before the icons actually change. If you click on an icon and it changes, this usually means that the Finder is reading and caching the image files. Depending on the media containing your files you may actually have to restart the Finder in order to see the changes. This appears to be most prevalent with files stores on external non native Mac file systems.

I like the artwork on one of my icons but I've lost the original. Is there any way to get it back?

Yes, it's easy. Either choose the File/Extract artwork from the folder menu item and select the folder, or simply drag the folder to the drop zone and hold down the Shift key when releasing the drag. The image will be displayed in the drop zone. Simply click SaveAs and choose a file and file type in which to save the image.

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